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Motion Performance After a 5 year hiatus, I'm reorganizing and updating the Motion Performance site. We have some exciting changes coming, Stay Tuned! - MadMike

Welcome to the official Motion Performance website. In the old days, we built and sold the most potent street machines money could buy. You can read about them by clicking on the car pictures below. These days, we sell high quality (display) aviation and ship models, and we still sell automotive fiberglass parts. Our friend and webmaster MadMike is a Z28 Camaro owner who started and maintains the Second Generation Camaro Owners Group and is co-owner of Big D Automotive in Cumming Georgia.

MarkT's 1970 Motion Camaro
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Big D Automotive A/Sedan Camaro
Big D Automotive, Cumming Georgia
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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Outrageous Advertising!
Outrageous Advertising
c'mon joel - I'll bring it right back!
Author (MadMike) and Mr. Motion discussing taking
the Phase III 1974 L88 Vette for a spin
Magazine Articles!
Magazine Articles

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